The Oregon Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center has a great collection of online resources to support both commercial growers and home gardeners across the country. Their web-based tools include weather and climate driven models for IPM/pest models, plant disease risk models, crop models, horticultural models, beneficial species models, climate suitability models, and many others.

A great resource for home gardeners

The IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting website is a great starting point for home gardeners who are looking for past weather records that could help explain things like why some trees or shrubs are not leafing out as normal (for more about cold injury, read Baby it’s cold outside). You can visit the site (click the Degree-Days Maps tab) to choose your region and then your local area. For example, you can search for:

  • The date when the last killing frost occurred in your area last year
  • What the daily winter temperatures were like

Degree-Day and Prediction Tools

We’ve highlighted four of the Oregon IPM Center’s online degree-day and prediction tools below, and encourage you to explore them. Each tool provides some level of documentation on their site, along with a table of webinar tutorials that demonstrate how the tools can be used. For additional help and guidance, you can contact Len Coop, Associate Director of the Oregon IPM Center and project lead for these resources.

MyPest page

MyPest IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting

A comprehensive website resource for users to access weather and climate models of all types to support their IPM decision-making.

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Online Phenology and Degree-Day Model Calculator

An online tool that uses weather data to calculate degree-days (heat units) to estimate development of many organisms, such as insects and plants.

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degree-day map

US Degree-Day Mapping Calculator and Publisher

This web-based tool allows you to custom make degree-day maps of states and regions in the US, for pest management decision making support.

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PNW Accumulated Degree-Days at-a-glance

Use the PNW Accumulated Degree-Days at-a-glance website to get a quick summary of degree-day numbers organized by station locations and year.

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