Agrilus planipennis

What is it?

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic invasive wood-boring beetle that infests and kills ash trees in its introduced range. EAB presents a significant threat to ash trees throughout North America.

How will it impact Oregon?

Emerald ash borers are destructive pests that bore into ash trees and feed on tissue beneath the bark. EAB poses a serious threat to Oregon ash (Fraxiunus latifolia), and can potentially have devastating ecological and economic impacts if it is introduced to the Pacific Northwest.

What does it look like?

Where is it?

It was first discovered in 2002 in Michigan, but the emerald ash borer has since been detected in at least 30 more states.

Where did it come from?

The emeral ash borer is native to parts of Asia. It was likely transported to the U.S. in solid wood packing materials.

What should you do?

Early detection is our best defense in managing emerald ash borer introductions. Report a suspected EAB sighting to the OSU Plant Clinic. The OSU Insect ID Clinic also provides free insect identification.

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