Secretary of War brings back the flower of peace

The association of poinsettias with Christmas is said to have begun over 500 years ago. The plant has been growing in dry tropical forests, along the Pacific coast from Mexico to Guatemala, for even longer than that. In its native form, it grows as a lanky, long-stemmed small tree or large bush. The wild plant has brilliant red “flowers”, but the red bits are narrow, less eye-catching, and scarcely like those on the plants we see in garden centers.

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Missing Something: Vole damage to plants

Plants that appear to be doing well in the spring, but then crash in the heat of summer could be missing something – literally. We have received a number of different woody plants showing poor vigor, reduced growth, sun scald on the leaves or stems, small leaves, and branch dieback, all leading to a slow decline of the entire plant and eventual death.

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