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Melodie Putnam is Director of the Oregon State University Plant Clinic.

Brown rot – an aptly named and unwelcome disease of stone fruits

I have a sour cherry tree in my yard that declines a bit more each year. It is in sad shape, with seared-open main branches injured by sun scald and invaded by decay fungi. This all stemmed from leaf loss due to an ongoing and pervasive case of brown rot caused by the fungus Monilinia. This organism infects first through the flowers, usually after a rain while the flowers are open.

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Tea Scale: An unwanted hitch-hiker

Sunny days and warmer weather bring about thoughts of gardening: which plants are not performing as well as would be liked, which new ones would look better in that spot. If you are contemplating adding to your garden, be sure not to add an unwanted component: insect or mite pests (or disease) that might be tagging along with your new acquisition.

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Garlic Gone Bad

Winter is the time to use your summer-grown garlic. Fortunately, we have great garlic-growing weather here in Western Oregon, although occasionally problems do arise. This week we are showing some common problems that can pop up and which are usually only found when you are cracking those heads, seeking the perfect cloves for your favorite potato and garlic soup.

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Propagation pitfall: Leafy gall disease

Now is the time when nurseries are propagating plants for the upcoming spring season. Odd looking plants with too many shoots or buds could be infected with the pathogenic bacterium Rhodococcus fascians. Propagators should be alert for symptoms, as shown in the gallery below, and have suspicious plants tested for the presence of the bacteria.

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