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About Neil McCoy

Neil McCoy is a web and visual information specialist for the Oregon State University Plant Clinic and Department of Botany and Plant Pathology.

Pest and Weather Models

The Oregon Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center has a great collection of online resources to support both commercial growers and home gardeners across the country. Their web-based tools include weather and climate driven models for IPM/pest models, plant disease risk models, crop models, horticultural models, beneficial species models, climate suitability models, and many others.

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The spotted lanternfly makes its first west coast appearance

Last September we published our first post about the potential for the spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, to be a pest of serious concern to Oregon agriculture. At the time, only a handful of eastern states had reported established populations (Pennsylvania has been the most impacted). More recently, a live adult spotted lanternfly was reported in Davis, California.

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Calling all naturalists!

Our fun Friday feature is a short introduction to a really cool app called iNaturalist. iNaturalist is essentially an online social network of enthusiastic naturalists, citizen scientists, students, researchers and experts who provide a worldwide crowdsourcing species identification system. Record your own observations, get help identifying species you record, and join projects that can use your observations for research or education efforts. Take your smart phone into your backyard or out on a hike, and try recording your first observation.

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