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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there central trash pickup points at RWLB where we can dump cans from labs and offices?2020-09-01T21:08:50+00:00

Labs will be serviced in place. Occupants of offices and cubicles will take garbage to centralized locations soon after September 1st.

When will janitorial services start at the RWLB? Such as recycling being collected and garbage cans being emptied?2020-09-01T21:09:10+00:00

Recycling is separate from janitorial services. Janitorial services are in place using a skeleton crew. Obviously adjustments are needed. Blaine is working with the new provider (RWLB uses Cornerstone, Cordley used ABM). Be aware that garbage service for offices and cubicles will be centralized. Recycling containers should arrive the week of 9/7, and service will start at that time.

Can you please tell me the plans for the cold room at RWLB?2020-09-01T21:06:18+00:00

You may use the cold room now (8/31/20). There should be enough space for PF1 and PF2 to each use a shelf unit. You can go ahead and occupy a unit and we’ll see if we need to make adjustments. Label holders are coming. In the meantime, leave something that identifies which PI is using which shelf unit.

Where is the ice machine located in RWLB?2020-08-31T21:49:40+00:00

2108 in E&E (Ecology and Evolution)

The new tables that show on the RWLB plans… are those on their way?2020-08-31T21:47:58+00:00

They arrived damaged and have been sent back to the manufacturer. As of 8/28 there is not an eta.

What is the billing (accounts payable) address for BPP now? Is it the same as mailing address?2020-08-24T19:25:27+00:00

In BennyBuy, the billing address is still 108 Hovland. Any invoices that are emailed should also use that address. Otherwise our address is 4575 SW Research Way. Mail addressed to 2082 Cordley Hall will still get to us, but there may be a slight delay.

Will it be possible to remote in to our desktop computers with Remote Desktop?2020-08-24T19:23:39+00:00

You should be able to do anything you were able to do from Cordley Hall, our service and support are the same that we received before.

BPP participated in the Promega freezer program; the freezer was maintained on the 2nd floor of Cordley Hall. Did we terminate our arrangement and thus we should order direct shipping of Promega items?2020-08-24T19:19:59+00:00

No one on campus offered to take over the Promega freezer program, probably due to the current covid situation. You need to order directly from Promega.

Are autoclaves operational?2020-08-24T19:18:55+00:00

As of 8/19, one of the Autoclaves is currently operational in 2021 (within Plant Function Lab 1). An SOP should be posted this week. The other two autoclaves need some service and we will get those up asap. Use of the autoclaves should be primarily for sterilizing and creating media.

EH&S will pick up biohazards for incineration. The Biowaste boxes are located on the first floor in room 1110 (next to the freight elevator). They will pick up the waste weekly, so we do not need to coordinate a pick up.

When will the ethernet ports in labs be activated?2020-08-24T19:29:09+00:00

8/19 update: Ethernet ports in offices, cubicles and laboratories should be active now. There may be a few cubicles that are having issues.

Should we take our trash cans?2020-08-07T22:44:21+00:00

If they are decent, yes. If they are metal and rusty, no.

The chemical packing instructions refer to hazard stickers. I didn’t see them in the supply area. Are these available to us?2020-08-06T15:35:24+00:00

You tell Blaine what stickers you need, and they are delivered to your lab.

How do we transport chemicals (e.g. ethanol) from chemstores to RWLB?2020-08-05T14:44:32+00:00

EH&S has a transportation guideline posted under Resources, Safety Instruction. Use of University vehicle is strongly recommended. Please see EH&S guidelines in this document.

Do we have a supply of plastic bags for packing bottles with liquids, as specified by EHS?2020-08-05T14:43:17+00:00

Yes, there should be some in the rooms with packing supply. Let Blaine know if more are needed.

The Keys Fax says keys will be available sometime in August. What do we do in the meantime?2020-08-04T17:39:34+00:00

The interior rooms are not locked, so no keys are needed. Office keys will be issued first, and Blaine will get those distributed asap.

Is the packing tape provided or do we need to provide our own?2020-08-04T17:38:38+00:00

The project supplies the tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and boxes. Check 2087 or 3056 and if you don’t find what you need, ask Blaine.

How long will PPE be required at RWLB?2020-07-30T05:01:44+00:00

At least until August 3rd and likely until August 10th.

When and to whom should we report problems in RWLB (leaky faucets etc.). Should we wait till after the inspection/certification in August or report ASAP?2020-07-24T20:51:52+00:00

Now that we have a presence in the building, report facilities issues to Blaine. Janitorial issues will wait until the contractor vacates at the end of August.

Has RWLB address been added to Benny Buy yet for ordering and shipping?2020-07-24T20:50:23+00:00

We are still waiting for the address to be available. In the meantime, use the “Special Address”. It should look like this when you are done:

Blaine Baker
OSU Botany and Plant Pathology
United States

What should we do with our desktop Avaya phones?2020-07-23T05:13:58+00:00

Leave them in the room, they will be picked up and surplused during a final walkthrough.

Is the stock of liquid nitrogen going to stay in Cordley during the gradual move? Where is it going to be housed in RWLB?2020-07-23T05:12:03+00:00

It is expected to remain in Cordley until the week of August 10th. It will be in RWLB 1110, next to the freight elevator. See the floor map on the Resources for Faculty page. This is also the location of the lab coat exchange.

Will incubators be moved by the movers with the refrigerators? Or by EH&S with the freezers? Will they need to be completely empty or can they be moved full?2020-07-23T05:08:45+00:00

Blaine’s crew will probably move your -80’s, other freezers and refrigerators. You can ask about the incubators.

Will any of the cabinetry from newer labs be saved? Can we take apart anything to be used later in our new space or so it doesn’t go to waste?2020-07-23T05:07:31+00:00

You would need to ask about specific items. Most Cordley casework won’t work at RWLB.

Time to ask about UNPACKING! What do we do with unpacked boxes and packing material? Will they be reused by other labs? Do we break them down and recycle?2020-07-23T05:05:41+00:00

Blaine’s crew will handle the boxes. Initially some won’t be broken down. Eventually they will be stored as will need them again in 2 years. Reuse of the packing material will depend on what it is and what condition it is in. The students will make that determination. Pile those things up and if the students aren’t keeping up, let Blaine know.

Where are the recycling bins located at RWLB?2020-07-23T05:03:46+00:00

Campus recycling should begin populating the building with containers starting the first week of August.

I noticed that bike racks from Cordley will be moved out to RWLB. But, what about the time being? Where do we park our bikes?2020-07-23T05:02:02+00:00

Parking cars and bikes: Parking should be in the front of the building, as the back of the building is going to be really crowded for the next few weeks. Bike racks are on order, and will be installed as soon as they arrive on site. Bikes are not allowed inside the building, so plan accordingly.

Do we have a protocol/policy to follow if items arrive damaged at RWLB?2020-07-23T04:59:52+00:00

The movers are being escorted by an OSU Space Planning employee (either Eric Smith or Hailey Muller). If you notice damage you can report it to them. Otherwise report it to Blaine.

Is entry exclusive to the front or can we enter via loading dock or the “back entry” near the freight elevator?2020-07-23T04:57:49+00:00

Entry to RWLB is only through the front entrance at this time. You must wear PPE, you cannot initially go in on your own. We will meet you, give you your PPE, take you in, and show you where you can and cannot go. PPE is probably going to be required until August 3rd or so. You can call 541-908-6123 if you arrive on site and no one is there to meet you.

Will RWLB rooms/labs be cleaned before we unpack chemicals and lab equipment?2020-07-19T19:47:14+00:00

The construction contractor has a cleaning service go through just prior to your move into the space. It is not perfect, but should be as clean as the space you are vacating in Cordley Hall.

Is hand soap going to be supplied by OSU/department in the labs at RWLB or do we need to purchase it from grants?2020-07-19T19:44:32+00:00

The services and supplies provided at RWLB will be the same as those you currently receive in Cordley Hall.

For large equipment, such as shakers and incubators, do we need to tape doors shut and put wrap around them to protect them from damage?2020-07-09T15:37:59+00:00

The movers will blanket equipment, but taping doors shut couldn’t hurt. If you tape them, do it at the end of your packing so the tape doesn’t leave a residue.

Are there vacuum lines available at lab benches?2020-07-08T23:36:23+00:00

The Plant Health and Ecology & Evolution shared labs have vacuum. Plant Function shared labs have water vacuum at cup sinks.

How do we pack Qiagen, Thermo Scientific, Promega etc. biological kits that have been opened? Do we need to use ziploc bag for every single bottle in the kit or can we put the whole kit box in a large ziploc bag before placing into packing box?2020-07-08T19:05:11+00:00

Answer form EHS: The goal is to not have any leaks. You can place the whole box into a zipper topped bag, then place into a box.

I have multiple small tubes with samples in fixative or other hazardous solutions. Can these solutions/samples be picked up by EHS in the sampel tubes or do they need to be decanted?2020-07-08T16:30:26+00:00

Answer form EHS: Small containers, vials and tubes (less than 20 ml) filled with samples, can be disposed of combining similar chemical samples and placing them in zipper topped bags, label the bag as Vials containing (Name of Chemical). You do not need to decant the liquid.

Keys for RWLB and New Cordley: When can we request them? What keys do we need (which doors have separate locks and which ones do we need access to besides outside and individual offices)? Do we request them via the usual key request form? Is it correct to assume that when we return to Cordley in 2022 that we’ll need a new set of keys? Hence, we should return our current set of keys (except for those that get us access to the East side). 2) does BPP expect each individual to request keys or will this be done in a concerted fashion, e.g., we fill out a survey and BPP makes a bulk order w/ the key shop, assuming that is who will be providing the keys?2020-07-07T23:22:58+00:00

Blaine will be requesting keys for everyone, and the administrative staff will distribute them. They won’t be available until sometime in August. The number of keys needed at RWLB will be minimal, likely just one or two. The exterior doors will automatically be unlocked from 7:30am to 5:30pm. After hours, the exterior doors will work with your University ID. Instructions for updating your ID are coming.

New Cordley will have a new system so West Cordley keys will not be needed once you relocate to RWLB. The Main Office will have envelopes so you can return your keys to the key shop and have any deposits refunded.

In order to properly sort paper for recycling (hardback books, softback books and paper) using the large green carts, do we need to request 3 different carts or are there some already available? Also, to which category do hard paper bound notebooks fall?2020-07-07T17:43:18+00:00

The department will keep carts available so no need to request them. Look near the West Elevator. We will add more near labs/offices that are packing. Hard covers must be removed from any books for recycling. Campus Recycling will do that for us as long as we do not mix them with soft cover books or paper.

Are we allowed to have small, office type food refrigerators in the RWLB cubicles?2020-07-07T17:41:43+00:00

Sadly, no. The cubicles are not designed to provide that much power. The department will provide at least one full sized refrigerator in the break room, and some mid sized refrigerators near each cubicle block. More will be added as needed.

When and how do I pack my chemicals?2020-07-06T14:36:35+00:00
  1. No earlier than two weeks before your scheduled move. Preferably the last week.
  2. Pack your hazardous chemicals first. Pack by hazard class and solid vs liquid. Remaining space can be filled using compatible non-hazardous chemicals or smaller boxes.
What equipment needs to be decontaminated and what are the protocols for doing so?2020-07-06T14:46:37+00:00

Decontaminate all laboratory/analytical equipment used in conjunction with biological, chemical or radiological materials. This applies whether the equipment will be moved or surplused. See this Equipment Clearance.

Laboratory equipment or laboratory surfaces must be cleaned and decontaminated before vacating the space.

Proper decontamination requires the wipe down of all contaminated surfaces with a cleaning agent capable of removing the contaminant.

  • Biological Agents: A solution of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) diluted between 1:10 and 1:100 with water is effective at decontaminating most surfaces which have come in contact with infectious material. Allow contact for at least 20-30 minutes and follow-up with water to remove any bleach residue. If other disinfectants are used, be sure to read the label to ensure the chemical is effective against the biological agent and the appropriate contact time is used. Contact the Biosafety Officer (BSO) to determine if gas decontamination is needed.
  • Chemicals: For assistance in what type of cleaner or cleaning material to use and how to dispose of materials used to clean contaminated surfaces, contact the Hazardous Waste Safety Officer.
  • Radioactive Material: A special decontaminating solution (e.g. Radiacwash, Count-off, Liftaway) is recommended. Wipe the surface with a paper towel to remove the contamination, changing paper towels often. If special solutions are not available, the use of sprays such as Fantastik or Windex may be used. After the equipment has been cleaned, it must be dried before a subsequent survey can be performed. Contact the Radiation Safety Officer to schedule.

Notify Hazardous Waste Safety Officer of any equipment or procedures that may have contributed to hazardous chemical residues remaining on surfaces (e.g., perchloric acid) or any areas that cannot be fully decontaminated (e.g. material potentially containing asbestos).

What is the address for shipping to the RWLB? When is the last day we can ship to Cordley and when can we start shipping to RWLB?2020-07-02T13:54:56+00:00

Oregon State University
Botany & Plant Pathology
4575 SW Research Way
Corvallis, OR 97333

USPS mail shipped to 2082 Cordley will be delivered to RWLB. You can start having packages delivered to RWLB the first week of August. The last day to ship to Cordley is the Friday of your scheduled moving week.

Will there be parking at the new facility (RWLB), and is it free?2020-07-02T13:52:04+00:00

Yes. Lots of parking. No permit required.

When do USDA located grad students need to have our Cordley offices cleared out and will there be new offices for the USDA based students at RWLB?2020-07-02T13:49:22+00:00

All students should have their Cordley office space cleared by July 20th. If students have things they want delivered to their cubicle at RWLB, they should request boxes from Blaine. With social distancing it may be some time before cubicles can be used.

There are no offices at RWLB for students and most research staff. There is a block of cubicles just for graduate students.

How do we surplus items at this time?2020-07-02T00:24:22+00:00

Surplus is making special removals from Cordley coordinated by Blaine. Mark your items clearly with the word Surplus. Let Blaine know where they are. His crew will relocate them for pick up asap.

Is the ventilation system at RWLB recirculating or flow through?2020-07-02T00:17:53+00:00

Lab air is not recirculated. Lab spaces use 100% outside air. Outside air is cooled or heated as required, pushed into the labs, and then it is sent back out of the building. The system is designed to handle most normal temperatures.

Office spaces use some recirculated air. The University has directed Building Controls to follow CDC guidelines and use the highest mix of fresh air possible while still maintaining an appropriate temperature range. Temperature extremes will require the system to recirculate more air.

Are there floor plans of RWLB for labs and offices?2020-08-10T16:53:32+00:00

Here are the floor plans color coded by lab groups for RWLB:

Where do we obtain the absorbent packing materials (newspaper? packing paper?) that is recommended for packing around chemicals?2020-06-30T17:42:51+00:00

Blaine has reserves of all packing supplies. Packing materials are centrally located on each floor (1st-1073, 2nd-2087, 3rd-3056, 4th-4073). Please only take what you need. Email Blaine if you need additional supplies.

What about liquid chemicals/made solutions/stock solutions in bottles (not original bottles)?2020-06-29T21:50:16+00:00

If they are your solutions they need to be in screw cap bottles and properly labeled. if they are w/ kits, and opened, you need to put them in a ziplock bag. if the kits are unopened, then pack the kits.

When can I pack and move my office or lab?2020-06-29T22:04:10+00:00

Please refer to the official packing and moving schedule to find your specific packing and moving date ranges.

Assigned PACKING dates

Dates Packing Scheduled groups
July 6-10 Packing Fowler, Leiboff, Megraw, Chang (Labs)
July 13-17 Packing Fowler, Leiboff, Megraw, Chang (Labs)
Anderson, Jaiswal, Mundt, LeBoldus (Labs)
July 20-24 Packing Anderson, Jaiswal, Mundt, LeBoldus (Labs)
Johnson, BPP Office, Jones, Spatafora (Labs)
July 27-31 Packing Johnson, BPP Office, Jones, Spatafora (Labs)
Busby, Liston, McCune, Uehling (labs), Dolja, Grevstad, Hardison, Instructors, Mickley, Naithani, ODA, OIPMC
Aug 3-7 Packing Busby, Liston, McCune, Uehling (labs), Dolja, Grevstad, Hardison, Instructors, Mickley, Naithani, ODA, OIPMC
Ingham, Pscheidt, Ocamb, Behrenfeld, Rothwell, Stockey, Wiman
Aug 10-14 Packing Ingham, Pscheidt, Ocamb, Behrenfeld, Rothwell, Stockey, Wiman

Assigned MOVING dates

Dates Moving Scheduled groups
July 20-24 Moving Fowler, Leiboff, Megraw, Chang (Labs)
July 27-31 Moving Anderson, Jaiswal, Mundt, LeBoldus (Labs)
Aug 3-7 Moving Johnson, BPP Office, Jones, Spatafora (Labs) & Office Spaces associated with prior moves
Aug 10-14 Moving Busby, Liston, McCune, Uehling (labs), Dolja, Grevstad, Hardison, Instructors, Mickley, Naithani, ODA, OIPMC
Aug 17-21 Moving Ingham, Pscheidt, Ocamb, Behrenfeld, Rothwell, Stockey, Wiman
Where can I find moving labels?2020-06-29T22:03:50+00:00

Moving label templates for offices/labs and chemicals can be downloaded and printed from Faculty Resources.

Is there a specific policy for special equipment (microscopes, GCMS, etc.)?2020-06-29T21:42:32+00:00

There is no one policy for all special equipment and these will need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. There are categories, however. For example, large floor-standing equipment (e.g., centrifuges), microscopes, computers, etc. If you want to move a special piece of equipment yourself, i.e., a microscope, reserve the BPP vehicle so that there is no question regarding university business and liability. Certain equipment, like centrifuges and pcr machines don’t need to be packed. The movers will place them on shelves, wheel them into the truck, and then secure the contents in place.

What is the protocol for moving biological materials?2020-06-29T21:58:47+00:00

Biological materials need to be in air tight and secondary containers. E.g., ziplock bag inside a plastic container.

How do we obtain coolers for the move? Where will the coolers be delivered to?2020-06-29T21:58:27+00:00

We will assemble a supply of coolers within the department. Labs are asked to contribute lab coolers to the supply; simply label them and they will be returned to the home lab after the move. Coolers will be delivered to each lab the week that they are moving.

How do we orchestrate moving fridge contents? Eg., when do the items go into coolers?2020-06-29T21:58:03+00:00

Coolers will be made available to labs that are moving in a given week. Just prior to the refrigerators being moved, contents will be placed into coolers. Refrigerators will be moved and installed the same day, and PIs will be contacted to reload their refrigerators.

Do freezers need to be completely defrosted – i.e., do we need to delay defrosting to the very end of the packing process, or can we do it at the beginning of July?2020-06-29T21:57:38+00:00

It is recommended that freezers be defrosted prior to the move to RWLB. You can do so any time from now until the move.

Is there available -20 space available in Cordley to allow emptying freezers for defrosting?2020-06-29T21:57:09+00:00

We have # -20C in Cordley to assist with defrosting of -20Cs. These will be moved to RWLB at the end of the move.

Is there ample -20 space at RWLB for us to use during the move (-20 freezer room?), and when will we have access?2020-06-29T21:56:39+00:00

There is no -20C room at RWLB, but there is a 4C room at RWLB. -20C should be moved packed with current contents and secured with packing material to prevent movement of contents.

Is there any difference between recommendations for preparing -20 vs -80 freezers?2020-06-29T21:56:12+00:00


Should freezers be left packed? Are there any specific recommendations for packing material to fill empty space?2020-06-29T21:55:39+00:00

Leave your stuff in them but it is recommended that -20’s should be defrosted prior to the move to RWLB.

When in the process (and by who) will fridges and freezers be moved?2020-07-24T20:53:12+00:00

At this time Blaine’s crew is moving all the 4C’s, -20C’s and Ultralows. You may choose to have the moving company transport your 4C’s and -20C’s.

Ultralows: Blaine has a crew of 5 with an experienced driver, and electricians on site at RWLB during the move. Only two or three will be moved at a time to ensure the shortest possible transport time from Cordley to RWLB. The department has 2 new back up freezers on site at RWLB. Should any freezer experience difficulty in the move, Blaine will ensure safe transfer. Lab personnel cannot be at RWLB to meet the freezers. Once the units are in place and the crew is leaving, Blaine will contact the PI and they will be welcome to come in and see the unit in place.

Do labels for boxes need to be printed and taped onto boxes, or will they be provided as stickers?2020-06-29T21:52:34+00:00

There are label templates available under Faculty Resources that you can print and tape onto your moving boxes and equipment.

How do we pack chemicals in boxes and who provides absorbent material?2020-06-29T21:49:38+00:00

You use standard boxes and then place the hazard stickers on them.

Liquids go w/ liquids, solids with solids, and things have to be mingled according to hazard class -> see the chemical list that was sent to the faculty.

Separate by categories which are:

  • toxic
  • corrosives (acids or bases)
  • oxidizers
  • flammables
  • transgenic plants
  • biohazards
Where should we store boxes as we are waiting for the move?2020-06-29T21:46:41+00:00

The first thing to pack would be items on counters and anything that would make a free space near a wall where you can stack the boxes. Any furniture that you do not want, you can tag as surplus and it will be removed. That space can then be used for organizing and storing packed boxes.

Is there a weight limit for the packed boxes, or particular guidance on heavy items?2020-06-29T21:46:04+00:00

No heavier than a single person can lift. Please try and keep an individual box less than 50 lbs/ 23 kgs.

How do we prepare oddly-shaped items or items with larger dimensions than boxes (e.g., computer monitors, large sheets of blotting/filter/germination paper or membranes)?2020-06-29T21:45:34+00:00

Certain equipment, like centrifuges and pcr machines don’t need to be packed. they put them on shelves, wheel them into the truck and then secure the contents. In general, you will affix a shipping label directly to the item. The movers have various style carts and things for moving odd items.

Can separate storage items (i.e., large plastic bins) be moved as-is? Or do individual storage items need to be unloaded before moving?2020-06-29T21:45:05+00:00

Yes. If they are similar in size to the packing box. You would just affix a label to the tote or box. If you can fit multiple items in a regular moving box, you should do so.

Do desks and file cabinets need to be unloaded?2020-06-29T21:44:29+00:00

Desks need to be unloaded.

The bottom 2 drawers of file cabinets can remain loaded.

Have decisions on furniture that is moving already been made? How do we prepare furniture for moving?2020-06-29T21:43:51+00:00

Faculty will attach a label directing their furniture to the correct room at RWLB using the room number. There is a label template under Faculty Resources. Kimberly Callahan can print the labels for you. For departmental offices, Blaine will attach the labels.

Will there be any special policy about food and drink policy inside RWLB?2020-06-29T22:00:30+00:00

Food and drink policy at RWLB will be the same as in Cordley. Eating and drinking in labs are prohibited. Available spaces for eating and drinking include office spaces including cubicles, conference rooms, balconies, and outdoor picnic tables. There will also be sanitation supplies on site.

Covered bike parking mentioned earlier during planning stages – where is it or where will it be?2020-06-29T22:00:03+00:00

I won’t guarantee that the racks will be covered, but I hope to do so after the move (the covered area is part of the loading dock so that may be difficult during the actual move). The bike racks from West Cordley are expected to move to RWLB.